Below are books, articles and videos that I find helpful in my work with clients. 


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Cliffs and River

Therapy Journals 

A 197 page deep dive to take your therapy journey to the next level. This 5x8 therapy journal/planner is designed to help you prepare for the therapy process, document what happened in your sessions, organize your thoughts, document action steps for the next session and explore the progress you're making in therapy. This journal includes mandalas to help clear and calm your mind. It also includes sections to reflect upon and write down what you hope to gain from therapy and what changes you want to make. There are also sections that allow you to jot down what happened in the session, plan for the next session and take notes for whatever comes to mind between sessions. A mid way review of your goals is also included to help you reflect upon how far you have come since you first began the process. A great gift for yourself or anyone else who is in counseling or therapy.

2 cover options

  • The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel VanDerKolk


  • Walking the Tiger - Healing Trauma by Peter Levine 




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