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Trauma Therapy
EMDR & EMDR Intensives

Online, Telehealth
In Person
Serving Burlington and Mercer County, NJ
(Bordentown, Hamilton, Princeton, NJ )

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EMDR Intensives

Trauma can be longstanding, from childhood and adolescence, but trauma can also be recent, as we are all recovering from pandemic. With trauma, there are unresolved hurts which is making it difficult to function. Let's focus on helping you heal and see your best self beyond what you are currently experiencing. Let's focus on helping you see your self-worth and encourage you to overcome the worries, the traumas of the past, insecurities and fears that may be keeping you stuck.


Zen Stones

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. Developed by Francine Shapiro.

EMDR is a psychotherapy treatment that is designed to alleviate the distress associated with traumatic memories and unhealthy thoughts.

EMDR therapy allows one to access deep rooted negative narratives and stories we create about ourselves and the world and change those narratives. It also allows a person to access traumatic memories or other adverse life experiences and bring them to a more positive resolution.  

With EMDR therapy, anxiety and distress is often relieved, negative beliefs are reframed, and physiological responses (fight or flight) are reduced. EMDR therapy is designed to resolve unprocessed traumatic memories in the brain. 

EMDR can be conducted online 

Walk & Talk Therapy


Eco Therapy is focused on using the power of nature to heal and de-stress. Studies have found that the use of nature can reduce stress and cortisol levels by 40-60%.


By spending time in and with nature, we connect to simplicity and recognizing the need to slow down. 


Sessions focus on using nature to heal in a variety of settings in addition to typical office/virtual sessions. During individual sessions, the client is encouraged to walk outside while talking 


EcoTherapy can be incorporated in individual sessions via telephone or in person in Bordentown, NJ.



Mindfulness encompasses a variety of tools to explore our thoughts and feelings.

Mindfulness invites the stress, anxiety and depression to show up so that they can be heard and challenged.

Mindfulness looks at your ruminating thoughts and dysfunctional patterns to see why you continue to engage in unhealthy behavior.

Sessions utilize different techniques to support overall well-being. They include EMDR, guided meditation, visualization, deep breathing, sand and art to help you focus on present moment awareness and reduce your anxiety and anxiety response (i.e. anxiety and panic attacks and depressive episodes).

By helping you learn how to pay attention to your thoughts, judgments and feelings you are better equipped to respond to the world, instead of simply reacting to it, sometimes with negative consequences. 

Mindfulness is incorporated in individual sessions online and in person.

Groups run for six weeks in the Spring and Fall


Rock in Sand

Sandplay is often used to invite the unconscious to come to the forefront in a non threatening manner.


While you remain in the world of “pretend”, you are able to create metaphors that mirror the present pain or difficulties in your real-life circumstances and help you gain an understanding of your negative self-talk or worldview.


Within a safe space a client can face their pain, their anxiety, and their trauma. Often used for healing trauma because it does not require you to talk about your pain, but rather the play aspect of sand helps you find resolution and ultimately healing.



Sunset Yoga

Studies show that trauma is often housed in the body. We either disconnect from our bodies or we don't recognize that unresolved trauma can lead to physical ailments like diabetes and heart disease. This doesn't even account for the many unexplained panic attacks and inexplicable reactions to everyday occurrences. Yoga and other body movements like dance and exercise can help.


By engaging in a yoga practice, practicing staying in the moment counteracts some of the dissociative effects of trauma. And the physical activity of yoga, of course, can directly improve health.


Yoga that is specifically designed for victims of trauma has modifications when compared with traditional yoga teaching.


Due to our therapy being virtual, I will recommend YouTube videos that you can complete in your own time to foster healing from trauma


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