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Walk and Talk Therapy
Serving Burlington and Mercer County, NJ
(Bordentown, Chesterfield, Hamilton, Robbinsville, Princeton, N
J )

Eco Therapy (also known as walk and talk therapy) is focused on using the power of nature to treat anxiety, heal from trauma and de-stress. Studies have found that the use of nature can reduce stress and cortisol levels by 40-60%. By spending time in and with nature, we connect to simplicity and recognizing the need to slow down. Sessions focus on using nature to heal in a variety of settings in addition to typical office/virtual sessions. During individual sessions, the client is encouraged to walk outside while talking 
Eco Therapy can be incorporated in individual sessions via telephone or in person in Bordentown, NJ.
Groups run for six weeks in the Summer and Fall


Man Hiking in Wilderness
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