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Planting Seeds
Counseling/Therapy Services
Treating ​Trauma, Stress, and Anxiety
through EMDR and EMDR Intensives

In person, Online & Virtual Therapy

Healthy Starts Here
Serving Bordentown, Princeton and Hamilton NJ area

    "The day that you plant the fruit is not the same day that you eat the fruit. Be patient and stay the course" - Fabienne Fredrickson 

According to the outside world you "have it all". You have the job, the relationship, the house, but little do they know what is going up there in your head and your heart.


You are anxious, stressed and overwhelmed and no amount of overthinking works. You may be feeling bad that you feel and think certain things. You walk around internally saying "I shouldn't think that" but you are angry, hurt, and sad. 


Your loved ones have some idea about what you're going through, but even they don't know it all or they don't really understand because you are so independent as present as having it together.


You don't want to worry them, you think you can take care of it, or you'd be embarrassed and ashamed if others knew what you were thinking and feeling.


You recognize that life is ok but it's not where you want it to be.


You know that you are not living up to your greatest potential.

You have managed to survive the day to day stresses of life, but life is becoming overwhelming for you these days.


Something major happens and trauma and hurts from the past come flooding back into your life and it gets hard.


You thought that you had put the past behind you or you thought that the past didn't hurt you at all.

And then you're faced with your life getting out of control and you are desperate now to find healing because you no longer want to suffer.  

The laundry is piling up, the stove is a mess and you've got to make sure the kids get to school on time with their assignments and you have to be at work by 8AM.


Your spouse asks you "what's for dinner" and you're overwhelmed because you haven't thought about it.


You've got deadlines at work, you have to figure out how to be at 2 practices at once and you feel bad that you might have to miss one, and get fast food on the way home.


Your kids roll their eyes at you casually telling you that you suck for missing their practice yet again and that Mary's mom ALWAYS makes it to their games and cooks homemade meals.


You can't remember the last time you got to sit down and do what you wanted to do. Fleeting memories of life before kids, a mortgage and soccer practice cross your mind and you want to scream.

The alarm goes off and you feel "blah". You want to hit the snooze button and lay under the covers for a few more minutes.


Your mind starts racing, you start panicking and you start dreading the day before you're barely awake yet.


You know that there is more to life and you want something different but you don't know what to do, you don't feel like you have a choice and you are scared to take the next steps.


You have tried to figure things out on your own, but you struggle and you know that you need help but you don't really want to admit it.


You hear the negative voices in your head, your own voice, the voice of a parent, a loved one, a boss, telling you that you're no good, telling you you can't do this or to stop whining and be grateful.


You are anxious, sometimes sad or blue, dealing with past childhood memories or traumas and overwhelmed by current life responsibilities. 


You have no one to talk to because you are ashamed or feeling guilty about your thoughts or what might come out of your mouth. 


You are tired of living in the past, being held back in the present and worrying about the future.

I can help because I have been where you are right now.

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You’re here because you’re tired of being tired.

Pretending that everything’s okay when it’s not, is no longer sustainable. It's exhausting waiting and hoping for things to get better.


You’re done with feeling ’less than’. But you're also scared about taking that first step. You’re done focusing on whether you think that you’re failing, but you also worry about another possible failure. You're done feeling pent up rage and resentment continue to build, but you're also worried about what other people will say. You're done ignoring yourself but you also wonder if you can truly have a life that you love. 

The answer to that last question is yes. You can have a life that you love. Admittedly, it can be scary to change, but I am here to walk with you in this process.  


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Planting Seeds LLC
Hi and welcome! My name is Edwige but everyone calls me Eddie. My specialty is working with those struggling with the stress and anxiety of everyday life.

Specifically, I see a lot of people who have experienced trauma and are moms.

You may be feeling confused, neglected, and unsupported. You may be bottling things up inside and worry that if you say things out loud, you will be rejected, ostracized, or judged.

I am here to listen and understand your suffering. I am here to hold the space for all of your "crazy" thoughts and to tell you that you are normal, that you are ok, that you can get through this. I am here to help you with your anxiety, perfectionist expectations, racing thoughts, and negative mindset. 

In working together, through a mindfulness-based lens, you will develop insight into the current messages, thoughts, beliefs, choices, and values that may be contributing to your suffering.

You will come to accept yourself (both good and bad) and shift your negative self-talk to one of acceptance and accountability. Your treatment is not one sized fits all. It is specialized for you and your issues.

I invite you to be curious about your struggles, knowing that you can be supported and can learn from these challenges.

Sometimes these issues are a result of intergenerational traumas and childhood messages that you don't know how to break free of.

By utilizing a variety of methods, such as values work, spirituality, guided meditation, visualization, breath work, sand play, and EMDR, we plant the seeds that will end the suffering and bring greater awareness, self-confidence and change into your life.


 EMDR Based Specialized Services


EMDR Intensives
Trauma, Anxiety & Mom Stress
Online (Telehealth)
Serving Burlington and Mercer County, NJ
(Bordentown, Hamilton, Princeton, NJ areas )


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Serving the Burlington and Mercer County NJ area (Bordentown, Chesterfield, Robbinsville, Princeton). 

NJ License #37PC00631700

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