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Therapy Services for Mom

Serving Burlington and Mercer County, NJ    (Bordentown, Chesterfield, Hamilton, Robbinsville, Princeton, NJ )

Being a good mother doesn’t have to mean running yourself ragged and giving up a part of yourself. In fact, honoring your needs teaches your kids to do the same. Let's help you learn to prioritize your well-being, set healthy boundaries and communicate your needs effectively to those around you. Motherhood is hard, but it doesn’t have to break you or steal your joy.

Motherhood isn’t easy. Feelings of guilt, anxiousness, anger or depression can take their toll on your day-to-day life. You’re here because you want your life back. You want to enjoy being a mother. That’s where my therapy for moms can help.


Let's face it, life is hard. And when you're a mom life feels overwhelming and it sucks. As much as you love your life, and your children, there are parts of it that are hard because you feel like you are out of balance, constantly struggling to do it all. You don't feel good enough, whether it's because you're missing out on events, you're feeding them fast food, you're yelling at them or you can't give them the world. You compare yourself to others, and you question whether you are doing the "right" thing. You are feeling unappreciated, angry and resentful. More importantly, you have lost yourself and that makes you sad. 

My therapy approach is mindfulness based and values focused. You are the expert when it comes to your family and the issues you are experiencing. There is no shaming or explanation to be had to me. It is my job to help you identify what is really important to you as a person and a mom and ensure that you are functioning according to your own values and not that of others.

We challenge the "shoulds" creating by us and others, focus on your mindset, look at where you are thriving and try to figure out where you can change.  I take a holistic approach to address issues like sleep, your hobbies, relationships, nutrition, exercise, self-talk and family support factors that may impact your mental health.

I understand from experience that being a mother isn’t easy. There’s a lot of sacrifice, a great deal of stress, many sleepless nights and worries about doing the right thing. Maybe you’re working and managing a family at the same time, maybe you're a Stay At Home Home who is feeling lonely and lost. By living in this suffering, you may be missing out on the actual joy of being a mom and enjoying your life and your kids, warts and all. Maybe it’s time to take a break and focus on yourself. Fill your cup, so you can better be there for the other important people in your life.

Take that first step to give yourself the self-care you deserve, I’m here for you.

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Managing Stress and Anxiety

Exploring your goals and dreams as a woman

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Relaxation Techniques

Exploring Mom expectations

Tapping into your emotions and learning to communicate your needs


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